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What is Web Domain and How to Buy a Domain Name

What is Web Domain

Every website has a unique address called Internet Protocol(IP) address. The IP address like So this IP address is used to navigate to that website. It is difficult to remember the IP address of each website. To solve this issue we use web domain names. So we can replace the IP address with a domain name like www.websitename.com Here the domain name easy to remember and better for branding. We already told the IP address is unique. similarly, the domain name is also unique. For example, www.amazon.com is the domain name of the Amazon E-Commerce website. Again domain name like www.amazon.com is not possible to buy.

How to replace IP address to a web domain name

First, you should buy a domain name from domain registration sites then you can replace the IP address to domain name through Domain Name System(DNS).

How to Buy a Domin Name

Step 1: go to a domain registration site
Open a web browser and navigate to a site that provides domain registration. Following are the famous domain registration sites:
  • Domains.google.com
  • GlobeHost.com
  • Hostinger.com
  • Register.com
Step 2: Choose a domain name
Use a name that best suits the nature of your website and also select the extension. .com, .in, .org,.net are the famous extensions 

Step 3: Check the domain availability

Once you entered your new domain then click check. If the same domain name already someone using then you can't get it. So you can change your domain name or extension and continue. 

Step 4: Select to buy

Once you got available domain name then select to buy. 

Step 5: Select Term(Year)

Domain names need to be renewed on a regular basis, so you'll need to decide the number of years for which you want to register your domain. (Minimum one year and a maximum of 10 years). 

Step 6: Select additional services

If you want to purchase additional services, such as web hosting, extra email addresses, Privacy protection...etc. Then add them to your cart before you check out. 

Step 7: Fill your billing address and Pay

Finally, Fill your billing address and make payment. You are now the owner of the domain name.